The Creative Team

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Brent Winzek
Writer, director

Born and raised in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Brent fell in love with Jurassic Park at a very young age and has been telling stories ever since. Currently based in New York City, he holds a Bachelor of Arts in Film Production and Master of Arts in Theatre from Bowling Green State University in Ohio. He first created Space Cadets with the help of friends Joe Connelly and Dale McCarthy, originating the role of Captain Stubing (now Stanik), and is thrilled to share Space Cadets Radio with the world!


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Chris "Sledge" Shendge(The Epic)

Sound Designer


Originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Sledge has been involved with the production of Space Cadets from its conception. He studied Theatre Production, Radio Audio Production, and Television at Ithaca College. Since graduating, Sledge has worked in the Audio Division of PRG, and his production credits include King Kong the Musical (Production Coordinator), How to Train Your Dragon Live (Production Coordinator), & Becky Needs to Get Laid (Original Sound Designer).


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Monica K Schmidt 


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Jordan Stine

writer, designer

Jordan is a Brooklyn-based designer, creative thinker, and avid day dreamer. He is very excited to get the art and words rolling on Space Cadets Radio. His work can be found on the internet somewhere. 


Our Amazingly-TALENTED Cast


Matthew Whitfield



Mark Banik

Captain Walter Stanik


Andre Sguerra

Captain Alaborap Smith


Nate Fessler



Paul Guyet

Vestonn, Murray, Hinny, Mmbah & Reporter 1


Lily Dorment

Eldadip, Computer Voice & Reporter 2







This project would not be possible without the contributions of so many, and it would not exist without the imaginations of the original cast of Space Cadets and the community of North Huntingdon and Irwin, Pennsylvania. We extend a humble ‘Thank You’ to those who have contributed time, support, and resources over the past decade.
— Brent Winzek, Writer, Director