Character Creation

Creating Glygorg

Entry by Brent Winzek

It was about this time of year, over a decade ago, that the original Space Cadets team wrapped filming of Season 1, the same project that invented the Cadets, the Explorer, the Space Pirates, the Halogien Stingray, and Argylesox (then spelled Arrrgilesox). While all of those stories are worth telling (and I do intend to tell them), my favorite has always been the advent of Glygorg.

John Boyer, the progenitor of the Space Pirates, the Halogien Stingray, and 'The Great' Captain Alaborap, was busy that summer preparing for his first year of college. He came onto the project for what was meant to be a 'one and done' type of episode, but the improvising of that late night filming in mid-July of 2005 produced the plot and conflict for the series, propelling us through Seasons 2 and 3.

We were lucky enough to film footage for three episodes that night, but it was clear that we needed more of the great Captain Alaborap. On the day we finally managed to schedule John for more filming, the only two people available to shoot with him were Chris Shendge and myself. I had expressed my interest in having an alien crew member for the pirates after we'd decided they were fit to be the personalities to rival the Space Cadets. 

At the time, my sister and I had some old stuffed animals stored in the basement, and the three of us had noted my two-foot-tall Ninja Turtle, with safety pins holding his arm together where it and split at the seam and all his missing orange bandannas, he only needed a distinguishing costume piece to seal the deal, and the boxing mask we'd used for Clackshok was already within reach. As we shoved it on his head, John sat in costume pondering 'a good 'G' word' before flippantly blurting out, "Glygorg!" and it was done. Little did I know that, in less than five minutes, we had created one of my favorite relationships in the series: the salty old terrapin versus the headstrong genius/sociopath.


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