Space Cadets Legacy

The Collaborative Spirit.

Entry by Brent Winzek

Space Cadets has always been a collaboration, and to honor that, we're introducing the Space Cadets Legacy series to shine the spotlight on the story's origins.

I'm starting with my good friend and veteran Space Cadet John Scott, who's been with the series since the camera first rolled on June 25, 2005. The spirit of the original Space Cadets was to reflect parts of ourselves in our characters, and John's pirate alter-ego Eldadip is no exception. Although Eldadip is now portrayed as a young woman, a lot of her personality traits come from John's portrayal of the sharp-shooting pirate trickster.John has always had an uncanny knack for strategy, often reflected in group gaming situations. Even the name Eldadip references to John's competitive streak, derived from sounding out the word padiddle* backwards. John was the reigning champion among our friends, and his fondness for the game combined with our habit of flipping words around helped develop one of my personal favorite Cliptorgian names.

I just recently had a chance to catch up with John Scott, who continues to contribute to the Pittsburgh art scene through his music. You can check out his band The Whelming Waters at, which also features Space Cadets alumni Nina Schwer and Collin Lindberg.

*Padiddle refers to the game played while in a vehicle. 'Padiddle' is said when another vehicle is spotted that has only a single headlight. In our version, the player also had to tap the interior roof of the car.

 John Scott, the original Eldadip, reunites with Glygorg.

John Scott, the original Eldadip, reunites with Glygorg.

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