Star System: Centauri

Moons: Ring System

Orbital Period: 390 days

Planet Type: Inner Planet

Capital: Cortallek

Leader: Prime Minister Salieri

The second planet in the Centauri system, Cliptorgia is a founding member of the ISF. The planet is shared by two cognizant species: the mammalian Cliptorgians and amphibious Hulgarians.

The capital city of the ISF, Cortallek is the birthplace of Cliptorgian civilization. Built amidst a sprawling forest, Cortallek is a shining example of this civilization’s balance between nature and infrastructure.


Originally nocturnal, Cliptorgians evolved looking up at the night sky and advanced to the stars much sooner than humans. Their matriarchal society prides itself on their planet’s balance between nature and civilized populations. Their sociology is build around the five original Tribes of Cliptorgia: Cliptok, Till, Jak, Tomtaak, & Syatok.


Hulgarians evolved in the swamplands of Cliptorgia as amphibious creatures with rich cultural ties to the waters of their home-world. Hulgarians are instrumental to science and conservation within the ISF, and they’re deeply vested in the equal treatment of all sentient lifeforms.