Species: Hulgarian

Age: 26

Birthplace: Eastern Hulgaria, Cliptorgia

Education: I.S.F. Military Academy

Rank: Vice Admiral, I.S.F. 

Specialties: Navigations, Alien Meteorology, and Biodiversity

Assignment: Science and Navigations, Space Cadets Initiative, 2352

Like most Hulgarian infants, Hank (whose real name is unpronounceable by humans) and his siblings completed metamorphosis along the shores of Eastern Hulgaria. His sonar and interest in alien planets made him a prime candidate for the I.S.F. Military Academy. He quickly became top of his class, receiving PhDs in Alien Meteorology and Biodiversity.

Selected in 2352 A.D. to be Navigator and Science Officer of the introductory Space Cadets Initiative. Currently missing in action, claims have been made that the crew was killed by the infamous pirate Captain Alaborap.


» Hulgarian
Hulgarians evolved in the swamplands of Cliptorgia as amphibious creatures with rich cultural ties to the waters of their home-world. Hulgarians are instrumental to science and conservation within the ISF, and they’re deeply vested in the equal treatment of all sentient lifeforms.



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