Kalilah Cliptok


Species: Cliptorgian

Age: 26

Birthplace: Cortallek, Cliptorgia

Education: I.S.F. Military Academy

Rank: Vice Admiral, I.S.F. 

Specialties: Weapons Specialist, Life Sciences

Assignment: Gunner for the introductory Space Cadets Initiative, 2352



Born to the renowned Cliptok family, one of the 5 tribes of Cliptorgia, Kalilah is technically an important member of Cortallek high society. Considered too mischievous and restless to attend functions with the family, she was inducted into a combat program for young Cliptorgian girls. She trained there until age 16, when she was recruited early into the I.S.F. Military Academy.


Space Cadets Initiative 

Kalilah Cliptok was selected in 2352 to be Gunner for the introductory Space Cadets Initiative. After crossing the Barrier at Checkpoint 1193-S on June 11, 2352, the ISF Explorer was never heard from again.  


Originally nocturnal, Cliptorgians evolved looking up at the night sky and advanced to the stars much sooner than humans. Their matriarchal society prides itself on their planet’s balance between nature and civilized populations. Their sociology is build around the five original Tribes of Cliptorgia: Cliptok, Till, Jak, Tomtaak, & Syatok.


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