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SPAce CADETs and The Legend of the goliathon

Space Cadets Radio: EPISODES 1 - 7

Captain Walter Stanik has been chosen by the Interplanetary Space Federation (ISF) to lead the first crew of the Space Cadets. Their mission: explore the uncharted territories of outer space. But when they discover a stowaway on board, Stanik plunges his crew into a perilous race for revenge against an infamous band of pirates. Together, they unearth the mystery behind a fabled relic: the Goliathon.




Space Cadets Radio: Episode 8 (Pre Production)

The Space Cadets universe has been in development since June of 2005, and continues to grow and evolve along with the artists involved. Join the team as we look back on Space Cadets and the Legend of the Goliathon. With special commentary from the cast and crew — old and new!


The BlackPool incident

Space Cadets Presents Series (Pre Production)

An epic tale of violence and depravity that was the early Outer Rim territories—these are the historical events that took place at the Blackpool Ranch. When a rancher and his family are murdered, the Preacher and the Captain stumble into a nightmarish world where Privateer Livic Kroy is settling old scores.