Photography provided by Aleks Karjaka

Space Cadets Radio is a small start-up entertainment company based in New York City. The creative team is a group of four artists and entertainers who also happen to be huge sci-fi nerds.


Our Mission

The Space Cadets universe has been in development since June of 2005, and continues to grow and evolve along with the artists involved. Over a decade of work means understanding characters and imagining their origins. Our goal is to get these stories out into the world where they can be appreciated. There’s so much more to be told! 

This project would not be possible without the contributions of so many, and it would not exist without the imaginations of the original cast of Space Cadets and the community of North Huntingdon and Irwin, Pennsylvania. We extend a humble ‘Thank You’ to those who have contributed time, support, and resources over the past decade.
— Brent Winzek, Writer, Director