Season 1 Episodes

Captain Walter Stanik has been chosen by the Interplanetary Space Federation (ISF) to lead the first crew of the Space Cadets Initiative. Their mission: explore the uncharted territories of outer space. But when they discover a stowaway on board, Stanik plunges his crew into a perilous race for revenge against an infamous band of pirates. Together, they unearth the mystery behind a fabled relic: the Goliathon.

Season 1: Space Cadets the Legend of the Goliathon, available now on your favorite podcast app. The first scripted podcast from Space Cadets Radio!


S1E1 Freighter 601

When a group of young recruits responds to an S.O.S. coming from Freighter 601, they get more than they bargained for as they stumble upon the infamous space pirate, Captain Alaborap.


S1E2 The Articles of Nogylop Smith

Six years after his encounter with the Stingrays, Walter Stanik accepts a prestigious position as Captain of the Space Cadets Initiative. But when familiar faces from that fateful day resurface, Stanik finds himself distracted by unanswered questions...


S1E3 The Legend

The stowaway Argylesox regales Stanik with the Legend of the Goliathon in acute detail, revealing himself to be a scholar on the subject. Convinced by Argyle's thesis, Stanik decides to help, redirecting his crew to the planet Mynaus.


S1E4 Shadows of Candalos Prime

At a loss for answers, Alaborap is forced to follow the advice in his grandfather's diary... seeking judgement in the shadows of Candalos Prime.


S1E5 The Beast Awakens

As they escape from Mynaus, the trail unfolds before Argylesox. Stanik and Cliptok urge the Cadets to journey on with Argyle to his next destination, Zebulon 5.


S1E6 The Aqua Star

Tensions rise as the space pirates chase the Cadets to their final destination.


S1E7 The Goliathon

The pirates and Cadets continue on their collision course as they finally track down the resting place of the Goliathon in the Season 1 finale.