I.S.F. War of Unification


In 2122, the Second-Age Candalonians left Candalos Prime after millions of years. Unable to locate their ancient homeworld, Khandah, they invaded Cliptorgian colonies on Hierrnaus and Heiznaus, and the Cliptorgians and Hulgarians retreated home.

First Contact
The Candalonian Empire advanced on the planet Cliptorgia in 2129. This prompted a desperate appeal to Earth - a planet the Cliptorgians and Hulgarians first observed in 1915, but avoided due to ‘excessive violence.’ Contact was made in 2141 and Earth allied with Cliptorgia, declaring war on the Candalonian Empire.

Formation of Interplanetary Space Federation
While members of the alliance did not recognize themselves as the Interplanetary Space Federation until 2152, the declaration of war is cited as the beginning of this powerful governing body. After continued nuclear bombardment from the Federation, the atmosphere of Candalos Prime was declared toxic in 2172. In surrender, the Candalonians evacuated the known universe, refusing to meet terms of a treaty with mammals.


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