Captain Stanik


Species: Human

Age: 28

Birthplace: Canada, Earth

Education: I.S.F. Military Academy

Rank: Vice Admiral, I.S.F. 

Specialties: Aerospace Engineering, History

Assignment: Captain, Space Cadets Initiative, 2352

Walter Ulysses Stanik was born on Dec. 4, 2324 and raised by his grandmother on Earth. Growing up with a teacher, he took an early interest in history, particularly military strategy. He attended the I.S.F. Military Academy on Cliptorgia, specializing in aerospace engineering, where he began a very public relationship with fellow recruit, Demaria Cole, heiress to Pan Motion Industries.

Selected in 2352 to be Captain of the introductory Space Cadets Initiative. Currently missing in action, claims have been made that the crew was killed by the infamous pirate, Captain Alaborap Smith.

Matched Entries
303: Pan Motion Industries, Demaria Cole
Demaria had a complicated and highly publicized relationship with Walter during their years at the ISF Military Academy. Her father, Damien Cole, was a firm supporter of Walter captaining the first Space Cadets mission.

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