Pan Motion Industries


Aerospace Engineering, Weapons and Military Technology, Interplanetary Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Hardware, Interstellar Commercial Transportation

Established in 2107 as an Earth-based company, Pan Motion Industries is owned and operated by the Cole family. The company is considered the most successful and influential manufacturer of spaceships and weapons for the ISF, as well as interstellar commercial transit.

Demaria Cole had an emotionally difficult childhood. Ever in the spotlight, her mother died when she was very young. As a teenager, she was thrown out of every boarding school on Cortallek before completing her G.E.D. and enlisting in the ISF Military Academy’s Communications Program.

After her father Damien’s mysterious death in 2350, Demaria inherited everything, immediately taking the company’s ethics in a more progressive direction.

Matched Entries
808: Captain Walter Stanik
Walter had a complicated and highly publicized relationship with Demaria Cole during their years at the ISF Military Academy. Damien Cole, former CEO of the corporation, was a firm supporter of Walter captaining the first Space Cadets mission.

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