Glygorg the Fallamon


Species: Fallamon

Age: 117

Birthplace: Faylore River Delta, Hierrnaus

Current Location: Hierrnaus 

Position: First Mate (since 2336)

Flagship: Halogien Stingray

Charges of Piracy: 394

Privateer Notes: Fallamons are a Level 3 Alien Risk. Shoot on sight. Known accomplice of the pirate Alaborap Smith. 



According to him, Glygorg was raised along the banks of the Faylore River Delta where he and his clutch were invaded by ISF troops during the Outer Rim Rebellion. Nogylop Smith himself saved Glygorg, who vowed to honor the gesture by serving the infamous pirate. 


Very little is known about Fallamons due to their distrust of other species. Indigenous to the Fallorien Forest, just south of the city of Smith’s Pointe, these bipedal reptiles have an average lifespan of 220 years. They are fiercely materialistic, valuing the repossession of items based on sentimentality. Their clutches are often found living in barns, scrap yards, and even landfills.


First Mate of the Halogien Stingray  

When a young Alaborap showed up in the Outer Rim, Glygorg tracked him down, becoming the first crew member enlisted to Alaborap’s Stingrays. He is considered a vicious fighter with fierce loyalty to the Smith legacy.


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