Species: Human

Age: 28

Birthplace: Cortallek Labor Colony 724

Education: I.S.F. Military Academy

Rank: Vice Admiral, I.S.F. 

Specialties: Combat pilot, Computer Science and Engineering

Assignment: Pilot, Space Cadets Initiative, 2352

Porter Jablon is one of four children, the only son of a Commercial Freighter Pilot. He learned to fly at a young age, and even went as far as getting his commercial transit license to pay his way through four years at the I.S.F. Military Academy. His nearly-spotless record at the academy is blemished by several instances of verbal insubordination.

Selected in 2352 to be the Pilot of the introductory Space Cadets Initiative. Currently missing in action, claims have been made that the crew was killed by the infamous pirate, Captain Alaborap Smith.

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