Livic Kroy


Species: Human

Age: 60

Birthplace: Smith’s Pointe, Hierrnaus

Current Location: Unknown 

Position: Ex-Privateer, Gunrunner 

Flagship: Demon Stork

Charges to Date: 49


Born a farm girl roaming the hills west of Smith’s Pointe, Livic Kroy was a promising young privateer and pirate hunter for nearly a decade. When Livic acted without jurisdiction and brutally killed a pirate clan, she earned the nickname “The Blackpool Butcher” and was discharged from the Privateer program.  


Piracy Prosecution Program (ISF)

The Piracy Prosecution Program, founded in 2249, is a branch of the ISF military specializing in pirate hunting.Due to the demands of its mercenary-like lifestyle, this program has a reputation for turning good detectives into troubled derelicts.


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