Moon of Forgrasia


Star System: Candalos 

Satellite of: Syntoon 

Orbital Period: 15 days

Satellite Type: Moon (Golden Age)


Not far from Candalos Prime, the moon of Forgrasia was the Candalonians’ first off-world colony. It orbits the gas giant of Syntoon, but was ignored by the ISF after the Great War until the extravagantly wealthy Velirno family purchased it from the government in 2191.


The Goliathon

Millions of years before Man or Cliptorgian, the Candalonians, our hot-tempered reptilian brethren, evolved. From the beginning, they acknowledged the existence of other species, but held fast to the belief that they were God’s favored race. Their proof of this was a pair of sister relics left in the universe for their exclusive use: the Goliathon and Zaremoth.


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