Zebulon 5


Star System: Zebulon

Moons: Bahari, Kofi, Asuka

Orbital Period: 348 days

Planet Type: Inner Planet


The fifth planet in the Zebulon system, Zebulon 5 is home to the Oggladons. First explored by Pontiac Jones and Cotton Sox, its pine forests are teeming with life, but the ISF has agreed to allow the sentient Oggladons to develop without interference.



The Oggladons are intelligent horse-like creatures native to Zebulon 5. Because their main source of food is the burrowing Vron, Oggladons have evolved as a communal society centered around mining.



The Vron are football-sized grubs native to Zebulon 5. The Oggladons produce lamp light and fire from the chemicals generated in the Vron’s thorax.


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