Star System: Zirkulon

Orbital Period: 109 days

Planet Type: Aqua Star

Hitherto unknown, this planet orbits a blue dwarf star in the Candalonian-named “Zirkulon” system. Laciport’s orbit is slowly deteriorating, drawing closer to its sun and heating the planet, leaving most of its surface submerged under a vast ocean.


Candalonian Legend

This hyper-intelligent reptilian race shared very little about their evolution or culture. Fragmented records suggest a complex social structure, lethal weaponry and advanced aerospace technology. Modern scholars agree Candalonians originally developed space travel some 60 million years ago…


The Goliathon

Millions of years before Man or Cliptorgian, the Candalonians, our hot-tempered reptilian brethren, evolved. From the beginning, they acknowledged the existence of other species, but held fast to the belief that they were God’s favored race. Their proof of this was a pair of sister relics left in the universe for their exclusive use: the Goliathon and Zaremoth.


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