Eldadip Till


Species: Cliptorgian

Age: 31

Birthplace: Till Colony, Heiznaus

Current Location: Hierrnaus 

Position: Gunner & Weapons Specialist (since 2344)

Flagship: Halogien Stingray

Charges of Piracy: 37

Privateer Notes: Hostile deserter with knowledge of classified ISF information. Should be captured and brought in to stand trial for the murder of Fergus Rhyld. 



As indicated by her surname, Eldadip hails from the Till Cliptorgians colonizing Heiznaus. She rejected her cultural upbringing there for a chance to train as a fighter pilot for the ISF. After 3 years of service, she encountered Alaborap at her post along a Barrier checkpoint and enlisted with him, earning her the status Hostile Deserter


Gunner for the Halogien Stingray   

She started as the ship’s porter, but killed Alaborap’s former gunner, Fergus Rhyld, in a bar fight. The details of the altercation are still up for debate, but if you ask her in person, the old man had it coming.


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