Mutant NA-2DRG


Species: NA (Mutant)

Age: 13

Birthplace: {Redacted}

Current Location: Missing, Presumed Dead 

Position: Muscle (since 2339)

Flagship: Halogien Stingray

Charges of Piracy: 37

Privateer Notes: Animal-like aggression, strength, exceptional claws. A rogue mutant from the military experiment on {Redacted}.



NA-2DRG (pronounced Naugh-ta-dargh) remembers very little about his own origins apart from a glass cage and, in his words, “A woman in a white coat teaching me to read.” He gets his name from the tattoo on his left arm: NA-2DRG.


Muscle for the Halogien Stingrays  

Rumor has it that during an altercation between Alaborap and NA-2DRG’s so-called “brother” Rhylon, the mutant threw the infamous pirate through the wall of the Devil’s End Saloon. Two weeks later Alaborap convinced the brute to join his crew.


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