Vestonn Krowl


Species: Human

Age: 41

Birthplace: Till Colony, Heiznaus

Current Location: Hierrnaus 

Position: Secondary Gunner & Defense Strategist (since 2339)

Flagship: Halogien Stingray

Charges of Piracy: 28

Privateer Notes: No one fights like Vestonn. Privateers are ordered to shoot on sight.



Vestonn was reared and trained as a fighter; a human bodyguard & intel expert who served one of the prominent Till families. An encounter with Alaborap & Glygorg led him to existential quandaries about his life’s purpose.


Bodyguard to Alaborap Smith 

After an altercation with The Deacons of Devil’s End, Alaborap decided his “vast intellect and cranium deserved better protection.” Vestonn was brought on shortly after Alaborap witnessed him take on five members of the Till Guard single-handedly.


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