Captain Alaborap Smith


Species: Human

Age: 42

Birthplace: New England, Earth

Current Location: Hierrnaus 

Position: Captain & Pirate Clan Leader

Flagship: Halogien Stingray

Charges of Piracy: 98

Privateer Notes: Extremely dangerous. Do not attempt to bring in alive. Known manipulator with genius-level intellect. 



Captain Alaborap Smith was raised on Earth along the rocky shores of what was once the state of Maine in the United States. His father denounced Nogylop Smith’s legacy and absconded to a quiet life as an accountant, a choice he and his wife attempted to impose upon their young son, Alaborap. At age five, Alaborap already displayed genius-level intellect, consuming all manner of reading material until one day he found a diary under the floorboards of the attic in his home: The Articles of Nogylop Smith.   


Nogylop’s Legacy 

It was in the pages of his grandfather’s diary that he learned the truth about his lineage, and he grew obsessed with adventure. At age fifteen he stowed away aboard a freighter to pursue a life of piracy. In the Outer Rim, he tracked down the pirate captain Dimitri Ivanova. For over ten years, Alaborap was the cook and later quartermaster for the “Jolly Pirate” Ivanova before reinstating the Halogien Stingray pirate clan and striking out on his own.


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